Working out with Stark

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Workout update: Doing the “Scorpio/Clark” or “Rogers/Stark” workout with Brian Michael Dowling and having a blast! Put up 320 lbs on a chest press (working weight) last night and freaked out with excitement. 300 flat bench has been a goal since April and after my shoulder strain in August i didn’t think i’d be able to hit it. As i’m still healing (hence the machines) i’ll probably start getting back to true bench after the 1st of the year. still a bit twingy right now but i’m excited to see where that’s at now!

Need to put some focus on my grip strength. I feel i can shrug more than my forearms will let me hahaha! I was shrugging 90 lbs dumbbells, but on the shrug machine the handles are bit easier to grip and i was shrugging 360 total. But regardless i’m upping weight regularly and plowing through the plateaus.

I gotta say regardless of any gains, this is more productive than smoking ever was and is such a great meditation and release. Not to mention we get some extra time to run creative ideas by each other. đŸ™‚

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