The Blood Eagle

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Leatherwork

The flagpole. Is Charming pleased? Indeed!




Captain America

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Leatherwork

All Leatherwork by me.  will add more pics later just realized it wasn’t on here 🙂

done March 2011 

Flag sewn by hand by DD for the “Soldier’s Story” movie.



það er stúlka!

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We are proud to announce we are healthily 18 1/2 weeks pregnant with a little shieldmaiden!  look at how ready she is to take on frost giants with her father. 🙂  so proud!

we anxiously await her arrival to our family in october 🙂


she could also look pretty awesome with an infinity gauntlet for a pacifier.

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The Avistrum DVD’s are now available!  and have been i just kept forgetting to post here.

Pirate movies are wrong

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Don’t shoot a muzzle loaded pistol one handed.


Though i have decided the following revelation.

[09:24] mikatchus: i’ve decided

[09:25] mikatchus: that during the zombie apocalypse i will be shooting gobstoppers from a muzzle loaded pistol

 [09:25] mikatchus: while wearing a clown suit

 [09:26] mikatchus: screaming “taste the rainbow muthafu—as!” at the top of my lungs.

Motorcycle leather with stamped triskelles. The idea was to wear it over the kilt. Which is different and not period but then again we’re in a pirate group focused on the golden age of piracy but attending faires taking place 100-600 years prior and our ship loves Vikings. So be it. It’s fun.




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Commodore Hawk’s bracers

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