Working out with Stark

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Workout update: Doing the “Scorpio/Clark” or “Rogers/Stark” workout with Brian Michael Dowling and having a blast! Put up 320 lbs on a chest press (working weight) last night and freaked out with excitement. 300 flat bench has been a goal since April and after my shoulder strain in August i didn’t think i’d be able to hit it. As i’m still healing (hence the machines) i’ll probably start getting back to true bench after the 1st of the year. still a bit twingy right now but i’m excited to see where that’s at now!

Need to put some focus on my grip strength. I feel i can shrug more than my forearms will let me hahaha! I was shrugging 90 lbs dumbbells, but on the shrug machine the handles are bit easier to grip and i was shrugging 360 total. But regardless i’m upping weight regularly and plowing through the plateaus.

I gotta say regardless of any gains, this is more productive than smoking ever was and is such a great meditation and release. Not to mention we get some extra time to run creative ideas by each other. 🙂

She’s here!

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I can’t think of one funny thing to say for the first time in my life. I’m so happy.
8 lbs 21 inches

Arianna Hope Atchley is here.


Awaiting the arrival

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Well here we are approaching 24 hours in the hospital. Right now Jess is asleep and I can see Ari’s heartbeat on the monitor. I am terrified and excited all at the same time.

Well my sister laid down some wisdom I need to share.

Goldfish Catapult

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snacking has never been so violent.

Still isn’t old

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Still funny after all these years.







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New 1 rep max
bench 214.4
dumbell press 78.3
flys 33.3
dumbbell curls 62.2
bentovr rows 138.4
dumbbell curls 62

Barbell curl 99.4

I think that would look good on a custom Celtic belt. Too bad I never had time to make one. 🙂


The Blood Eagle

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The flagpole. Is Charming pleased? Indeed!



Captain America

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All Leatherwork by me.  will add more pics later just realized it wasn’t on here 🙂

done March 2011 

Flag sewn by hand by DD for the “Soldier’s Story” movie.



það er stúlka!

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We are proud to announce we are healthily 18 1/2 weeks pregnant with a little shieldmaiden!  look at how ready she is to take on frost giants with her father. 🙂  so proud!

we anxiously await her arrival to our family in october 🙂


she could also look pretty awesome with an infinity gauntlet for a pacifier.